Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian launched at effective’ price ‘of Rs.1399

Airtel just came up with their Airtel-karbonn A40 Indian smartphone to compete with Jio Phone at very affordable price.

> Airtel has launched its 'Mera Pehla 4G Smartphone' as Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian

>The Smartphone in partnership with Karbon is the Karbonn A40 Indian

>With their offer, Airtel says it will have an effective price of Rs. 1,399

Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian Smartphone

Taking about the Jiophone 4G feature phone with smartphones, Airtel has partnered 4G set manufacturer Karbonn  for its ‘Mera Pehla 4G Smartphone’ initiative. The first fruit of this partnership is with Karbonn mobile with the Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian said to now be available at an ‘effective price’ of just Rs. 1,399. With this new phone  Airtel is clearly targeting the Reliance JioPhone that was marketed to have an effective price of zero.

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Airtel says its ‘Mera Pehla 4G Smartphone’ and also called ‘My First Smartphone’, is aimed at “enabling every Indian to buy a 4G smartphone and get on to the digital super highway.” Airtel also says  “highly affordable bundled 4G smartphone options to the market and fulfill the digital aspirations of millions of Indians.” Smartphones under the initiative will be available from offline stores, with after sales being handled by the device manufacturers themselves.

The telecom operator detailed just how the Karbonn A40 Indian, which was launched back in July and is said to currently have a market price of Rs. 3,499, will be available at an ‘effective price’ of Rs. 1,399. Customers will need to make a down payment of Rs. 2,899 for the smartphone, and then make a minimum amount of recharges over the course of three years to receive cash backs total Rs. 1,500. Subtracting the cashback from the down payment for the phone gives the smartphone an ‘effective price’ of the Rs. 1,399. The ‘cash refunds’ will be made in the form of payments to the user’s Airtel Payments Bank account.

 The Rs. 169 recharge has a 28-day validity, and offers unlimited calling and 0.5GB of high-speed data a day. For handsets other than the Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian, the plan will have a 14-day validity.

Airtel says the new smartphone Airtrel-Karbonn A40 Indian will be “completely with the customer, and there is no need to return the device to Airtel/ Karbonn at any point to claim the cash benefit.”

Airtel’s new smartphone Airte- Karbonn A40 Indian have access to the Google Play store, and popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, something the Jio Phone has been  missing. It is also touting the dual-SIM slots and full touchscreen experience.

Our Thoughts on Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian Smartphone-

As we think this Airtel-karbonn A40 Indian device has no competition with Jio phone because Jio phone is kinda smart feature phone and this one is pure smartphone. So as we think for a low budget this phone is great compared to Jio Phone. But we have to consider that jio phone is effectively costing Zero Rupees but this one is costing much higher.

So if you have budget for This Airtel-Karbonn A40 Indian Smartphone , then go for it, it would give you real smartphone experience. But if you don’t have that much budget then you can consider jio phone or maybe if you want a secondary phone then you should must look at Jio phone. 

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